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Quincy Web Design Process

At Quincy Web Designers, we specialize in designing high quality, affordable websites for small businesses.

We work meticulously and quickly and can usually complete the entire project in under two weeks. 

But our quality service does not stop there.  We also take care of the many incidental factors that influence your website's effectiveness. For example –

1. Choosing a Domain Name
We will research available names and help you choose the right name for your business. If a previous web designer has already registered a domain name, we can help regain control of it.

2. Designing a Logo
If you need help with a logo for your new business, we can create one that perfectly represents your business. All of our logos feature original and unique artwork.

3. Arranging a Photoshoot
We have access to a wide network of talented photographers to capture the exact impression you are looking for.

4. Designing a prototype
Unlike most web designers, we don’t just enter your content into a predesigned website template. We create every site from scratch so you can be sure it looks exactly like you want. The first step is to create a mockup of the Home page and modify it until you are perfectly happy.

5. Conversion to HTML
Once you are happy with the Home page design, we will create the actual website and complete the remaining pages. Of course, you will approve every page to make sure it meets your full satisfaction.

6. Launching your Site
When the website has been completed and approved, we will activate the site and register it with the search engines. Then you will be the proud owner of a beautiful new website!
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